Q: How does the kiosk work?

A: Select - Swipe - Return
Browse through the movies. Select the title you want to rent. Note the slot number listed on the right side of the DVD slot. Push the start button. Enter the slot number. Select Buy or Rent. Swipe your credit card and take your movie. To return a DVD, Push Return and place the DVD in the return slot.

Q: What are Promo Codes and how are they used?
A: A promo code is a discount on a movie rental. To use a Promo Code, Browse through the movies. Press the start button, then select the title you want to rent. Before you swipe your credit card you will see an option to enter a coupon code. Push the coupon code button and enter your code. Swipe your credit card and take your movie. The coupon code will be applied when you return the DVD back into the kiosk and the value of the coupon will be removed from your rental total.

Q: How do I get a Promo Code?
A: As a member of our Movie Club you will receive promo codes via email. Please sign up as a member at our website and this will add you to our mailing list. www.sunrisedvds.com

Q: When are movies updated?
A: The new releases are updated and available every Tuesday, which is the national release day.

Q: How do I pay for renting a movie?
A: The machine accumulates charges PER NIGHT, PER DVD, PLUS TAX. Your credit or debit card is charged when you return the movie.

Q: Why am I seeing a $3.00 charge on my bank statement?
A:The Customers debit/check card will show a $3.00 hold per each DVD rental issued by the card holder’s bank. This is not a charge and the money will not be removed from the account. Once the DVD is returned the Customers debit/check card will be charged for the amount of the rental (+tax) and the money will then be removed from the account. The number of hold days is determined by the bank and the customer’s credit rating. If the hold remains after the transaction has been closed you may need to contact your bank to release the hold.

Q: How many movies can I have out at the same time?
A: You can rent up to 3 movies at the same time on one credit card.

Q: What is the deadline for returns?
A: You have up to 10 days to return your movie. If you do not return the movie, the credit card that you rented the movie with will be automatically charged $29.80.

Q: What will happen if I lose the movie?
A: If you lose the movie, please contact customer support at 989-539-4020 or email us at sunrisedvds@sunrisestores.com For a lost movie, the credit card that you rented the movie with will be charged the sale price of the movie.

Q: What do I do if the movie is scratched or does not work?
A: Please call customer service at 989-539-4020 between the hours of 8 AM and 4 PM Mon - Fri and we will assist you. If you call outside of the listed hours someone will return your call the next day.

Q: Is my credit card information safe?
A: We use the most secure method available for transactions and all communications use 128-bit encryption. Your credit card information is not stored at the kiosk.

Q: Does the kiosk issue receipts?
A: The kiosk does not issue a receipt. However, you do have an option to have the receipt emailed to you and the end of your rental transaction. Simply enter your email address and the receipt will be email to you.

Q: I have a question that is not addressed here. How can I get help?
A: Give us a call or email us: sunrisedvds@sunrisestores.com 989-539-4020